Why FCS solutions?

FCS Solutions Ltd. has been a contributor to the flooring industry in Western Canada for more than 30 years. Throughout our run we have gained trust from retailers and consumers alike. We have unparalleled knowledge of our products. 

A complete range of product!

FCS Solutions Ltd. is the only company in North America to carry a complete line of floor maintenance products. Whether you need a sealer, a specialty remover or a microbial product to break down oil stains, we have it.

Superior Quality

At FCS Solutions Ltd. we take great pride in the fact that we do not settle for inferior products. If the product was ineffective, it would not be in our inventory.

Environmentally Friendly

Our products have been certified to carry an EcoLogo. The process of being awarded this certification includes testing the effectiveness of a product as well as testing its environmental impact against comparable products. We are very proud of this fact.

Canadian made

Our line of product always have and always will be Canadian made. We believe in supporting local business.

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Services Company

Our sister company works with our products to do professional services. From anti-slip floor treatment and sealer applications to sealer removal and deep cleaning.