Advantages and Disadvantages of Porcelain Tile


  • Porcelain flooring is one of the most durable of flooring types. This means it is ideal for areas with high foot traffic and heavy equipment. If it does become damaged or chipped the color runs through the tile so it’s not easy to spot. It’s also relatively easy to repair as you can replaces tiles as needed.
  • It is extremely dense making it unlikely for moisture and staining agents to penetrate the surface. This also means that maintenance is quick and easy.
  • If it’s installed and maintained correctly, porcelain tile can last decades.
  • Porcelain tiles are manufactured in large sizes with many different styles.


  • Installation can be daunting and laborious due to the incredibly dense and heavy material. Without the proper knowledge and equipment it can be impossible. Also, due to the weight you must make sure that your sub floor is strong enough to handle it. If not then you will need additional support beams under the sub-flooring.
  • They are pricey, however the longevity and quality of the tiles makes up for this.
  • Many people attempt to install porcelain tiles by themselves to reduce on cost but often make mistakes that can compromise the integrity and final outcome.
  • It is difficult to know exactly what you are purchasing when buying porcelain tile. There are no clear regulations so it’s difficult to know which characteristics your tile will have.
  • Glossy porcelain tile is often slick and therefor extremely slippery when wet. This can come with personal or financial cost when not dealt with properly.

FCS’s Solutions

  • If you are confident in your ability to install it yourself, ask the manufacturer how to install, not the company you bought it from. Also, ensure that it is sealed extremely well so the grout stays clean and new looking. We would recommend to hire professionals whenever dealing with porcelain tile.
  • Always purchase from a reputable and knowledgeable source that can help guide you to any answers you may need during the installation process.
  • For most residential uses, ceramic tile is all you need as porcelain tile is heavy duty. If you would like to use porcelain tile in your home we recommend that you research and consult about the type of tile to use as there are many qualities that porcelain tile can have.
  • Stay safe. If your porcelain tile is slippery when wet let us know and we can help set up a custom anti-slip program for your flooring. This includes getting a slip meter reading report to ensure that your floors are operating in the safe zone.

One thought on “Advantages and Disadvantages of Porcelain Tile

  1. I like how you said that porcelain flooring is really durable. My wife and I are wanting to redo our kitchen and we definitely want new flooring. We have 5 kids at home so stuff falls pretty often in there as well. Getting something durable seems like a great idea because it will keep it looking great even if stuff falls on it.

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