Super Floor Degreaser C4-4811

Super Floor Degreaser is an advanced formula floor degreaser and deep cleaner. Ideal for restaurants and institutional kitchen floors. 

Product Description

Super Floor Degreaser is ready to use cleaning formula that:

    1. Deep cleans the surface area
    1. Penetrates deep into the pores of floor surfaces, attacking the grease, fats, and oils that build up on flooring, tiles, and grout
  1. Destroys the greases, fats, and oils in pores, cracks, corners, and crevices, therefore, yielding a much less slippery floor

Product Application

Super Floor Degreaser is a unique, quick acting cleaning product that provides optimum cleaning and slips reduction for busy restaurant kitchen floors. This is an ideal, environmentally safe grease reducing cleaner for use in household, institutional and industrial applications. Due to the microbial content, it can help to reduce the number of slips and falls in these areas.

Microbial Content

Super Floor Degreaser contains a blend of naturally occurring, non-pathogenic, fatty acid and odor degrading microorganisms and enzymes that can quickly eliminate a wide range of odor-causing molecules, therefore, resulting in a better smelling safe environment. This unique blend of microorganisms and enzymes cause the elimination of organic oils and greases as well as odor-causing molecules through biological conversion and activity.


  • Deep cleans surfaces quickly for a long-lasting clean
  • Removes greases, fats, and oils from all floor surfaces including grout
  • Kills odors – other products just mask the smell
  • Contains no petroleum distillates or solvents
  • Inoculates odor-causing molecules with beneficial bacteria that destroy the causes of odor
  • Enhances biodegradation on all surfaces when used as recommended
  • Safe to use and contains no harmful ingredients. Greener-Choice approved.

Operational Temperature Range: The beneficial bacteria strains included are able to sustain growth on a variety of odor-causing sources from a low temperature of 4°C. (39°F.) to a high of 45°C. (113°F.).

Physical Properties

  • Appearance: Tan liquid
  • Salmonella/Shigella: Not detected
  • pH @ 25°C: Approx. 8.1-9.0
  • Solubility in Water: Complete
  • Boiling Point: ≥100°C.
  • Odor: Odorless

Super Floor Degreaser Ingredients

All ingredients are listed on the Canadian Domestic Substances List (DSL) with Environment Canada. All ingredients in our Super Floor Degreaser are classed as G.R.A.S. (Generally Regarded As Safe) and therefore are not considered to be hazardous to the environment and human health. Greener-Choice approved.

Instructions: Floor cleaning: dilute with WARM water 64:1 – 1-128:1 (2 to 4 oz. to 1 US gallon) until the desired level is achieved. Higher concentrations yield better cleaning capability. Mop floors with the mixture and allow to dry – do not rinse. Continuous cleaning action will keep on working for days.

Storage Requirements: Do not store in temperatures exceeding 32°C or below freezing. Store in a cool, dry place. Wash hands thoroughly with warm soapy water after contact. Avoid eye and skin contact. Avoid inhalation.

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