The Magnificent Seven.

FCS Solutions Ltd. Gift Bag Program


In January of 2020, we set a goal of creating a program that would help get the proper cleaners into the hands of homeowners. We examined all options and came to the realization the best way to create an awareness of the product line was by implementing a gift bag that has a selection of sample-sized cleaners.


After diligently researching the cleaning requirements of the average household, the products that could meet those needs, and deciding on the way to distribute the products, all that was left was to move the program into the marketplace. We introduced “The Magnificent Seven.”, a selection of our most popular household products to the gift bag program.


Each store can choose the products they would like in their gift bags and which style of bags they want. All gift bags come with a customized note thanking the customer for their business. The bottles in each bag have stickers directing the consumer back to the store to purchase more.

Benefits Of The Gift Bag Program.

Additional Revenue Stream

It is a tough time for business. Many companies have seen a drop in profit from past years. By adding maintenance products to a business, it adds another way to generate profit.

Customer Retention

The gift bag program gives the customers a reason to return to your store. Through having cleaners for them to come back for, it increases the chance of doing business with them in the future.

Improve Customer Relationships

For most flooring retailers out there, after you make a sale or do an installation, the customer has no reason to come back. When they are coming in more frequently for maintenance products, you develop a relationship with your client base.

A Unique Offering

Many organizations offer an individual cleaner or a mop. Through this program you provide a larger array of cleaners that can solve all household problems.

Gift Bag Products

Vinyl, Tile and Stone Cleaner

Vinyl, Tile and Stone Cleaner is for the routine cleaning of floors.


Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Hardwood Floor Cleaner is for the routine cleaning of hardwood floors.


Laminate Floor Cleaner

Laminate Floor Cleaner is for routine cleaning of laminate floors.


Spot Free Shower Cleaner

This product is ideal for the cleaning of showers, mirrors, taps, and windows. Use this product to have a streak-free clean.


Granite and Quartz Countertop Cleaner

If you have trouble maintaining a clean countertop, look no further. This product will  keep  them looking new.



URE-OUT is a microbial product that attacks and digests all organic waste and stains. This product is a must-have for all pet owners.


Carpet Cleaner Stain Remover

The carpet cleaner stain remover  is for removing many surfaces stains.