Epoxy Grout Residue Remover FC524

Our Epoxy Grout Reside Remover removes epoxy grout residue and epoxy based paint.

Recommended Surfaces

  • Natural stone
  • Ceramic & porcelain tiles
  • Concrete
  • Safe for metal
  • DO NOT use on quartz composite stone
  • Counters, floors & walls
  • Residential, commercial as well as institutional
  • Interior and also Exterior use


  • A viscous formula for vertical application
  • Slow evaporation
  • Low odor


  • Varies with the cleaning concentration required and also the surface condition. 946ml covers 1 to 5 m² (10 to 50ft²)

Environmental Data

  • VOC: 0
  • Biodegradable and also in conformity with OCDE 301 E Regulation
  • Meets EcoLogo specifications Paint & Varnish Remover CCD:051


  • 946ml bottle (FC524-01)
  • 4L bottle (FC524-04)
  • 20L pail (FC524-20)

Epoxy Grout Reside Remover Directions

Spread a generous coat of remover evenly all over the surface with a Green Scrub Pad (FC215). Then allow the remover to work for the required time while also scrubbing occasionally. Scrub the epoxy grout residue on the tiles with the Black Scrub Pad (FC205). To remove epoxy paint on concrete surfaces, use a metal bristle brush. When the paint or grout residue can be scrubbed off the surface; rinse and scrub thoroughly with a 25% concentrated solution of the Heavy Duty Cleaner (FC350). Afterward rinse again with clear water to remove any remaining residue. Repeat if necessary. Allow 24 hours to dry before applying a sealer, paint or adhesive.

Exposure Time: Exposure time may vary with chemical composition and the thickness of the grout residue or paint, as well as the room temperature and if the surface is vertical or horizontal.

Epoxy Grout Residue Removal:24-48 hours after grouting: 1 to 2 hours reaction time. 72 hours or more after grouting: 8 hours or more reaction time

Epoxy Based Paint Removal:1 to 3 hours reaction time.

Caution & Limitations

  • Test product on a small inconspicuous area
  • When using the product protect adjacent areas against unexpected contact with the product
  • Product should be used at room temperature
  • Protect baseboards made of MDF fibre
  • May damage sealers
  • Do not use on quartz composite stone, acrylic and polyester surfaces

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