Laminate Floor Cleaning Kit FC334

Our Laminate Floor Cleaning Kit is for regular cleaning of laminate floors. The kit contains a 700ml spray bottle &  our Mop (FC334)

Recommended Surfaces

  • Laminate floors
  • Residential, commercial as well as industrial
  • Interior and also exterior applications


  • No phosphates, alcohol or solvents
  • Fast evaporation
  • LeScentcent
  • No rinsing required
  • Will not damage varnishes, waxes or acrylic floor finishes
  • Does not leave streaks or soap residue


  • Varies with the cleaning concentration required and also the surface condition.

Environmental Data

  • VOC: 0
  • Biodegradable and also in conformity with OCDE 301 E rule
  • Meets EcoLogo specifications Degreasing Cleaner CCD: 146E


  • Laminate Floor Cleaning Kit contains 700ml spray bottle & Mop (FC334)

Laminate Floor Cleaning Kit Directions

Cleaning: Use FCS Mop (FC230) with a Cleaning Mop Cloth (FC235). Spray ready to use or diluted cleaner directly on dry mop cloth until mop cloth is damp. Wipe the floor with long strokes going with the grain of the wood (if applicable), move back and forth applying some pressure until the floor is clean. When mop cloth is soiled attach a new dry mop cloth. Wash cloth in a machine on a regular cycle and hang to dry.

Concentrate Dilution: 100ml of Laminate Floor Cleaner Concentrate with 600ml of warm water. Or place one laminate Floor Cleaner Recharge in an empty 700ml spray bottle and fill with warm water.

Caution & Limitations

  • Test product on a small inconspicuous area
  • Protect adjacent areas against unexpected contact with the product
  • The product should be used at room temperature


N.B.  All above information is accurate. However, having no control over the conditions of utilization of the product, we cannot assume any responsibility, legal or other, in regards of the results and/or any prejudice from which derived.

Laminate Floor Cleaner MSDS

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