Product Categories

A list of the equipment we sell and use. These products will aid you in applying finishes, deep cleaning, routine cleaning and much more.

A selection of our Eco-Friendly Microbial cleaners that cover a broad range of uses. Each product is created with a different formulation of microbes to resolve whatever issue that product is tasked with.

Our products created to deal specifically with issues on carpet and upholstery. From stains to odours, our products are the solution.

Our line of products that will help you with the daily maintenance of your hardwood, bamboo and cork surfaces. Apply a finish to completely revitalize the look of the surface!

Our recommended cleaners for routine maintenance and deep cleaning of your laminate flooring. Apply a finish to revitalize the look of your laminate floor.

A line of products designed to remove a wide array of products from surfaces. Whether it be adhesives, sealers, finishes or oil stains. We have the correct product to keep your surfaces looking new.

Our line of products for cleaning, stripping and finishing of Tile and Stone surfaces. Everything you need to maintain your floor is just a click away.

Our line of Cleaners and finishes for Vinyl Plank, Luxury Vinyl, VCT, and rubber flooring.