Efflorescence and Rust Remover FC2000

Our Efflorescence and Rust Remover FC2000 is an organic acid based cleaner mostly used for cleaning calcium and also rust buildups.

Recommended Surfaces

  • Ceramic and also porcelain tile
  • Paving stone & masonry
  • Cement grout joints
  • Concrete
  • Removes rust on metal as well as on tile surfaces
  • Removes calcium rings in bathtubs &  toilets
  • Residential, commercial and also institutional
  • Interior & exterior use


  • Organic acid based cleaner
  • Considered noncorrosive for skin, as per WHMIS
  • Has a pH<1 and is therefore considered corrosive by Health Canada
  • Doesn’t contain phosphoric, hydrochloric or hydroflouoric acid
  • Low odor


  • 946ml covers 25m² (250ft²)

Environmental Data

  • VOC:0
  • Biodegradable and also in conformity with OCDE 301 E Regulation


  • 946ml bottle (FC2000-01)
  • 4l bottle (FC2000-04)

Efflorescence and Rust Remover FC2000 Directions

First spread the remover on the surface using a Black Scrub Pad (FC205). Then allow it to work for 3 to 5 minutes and scrub with the scrub pad. Do not allow remover to dry on surface. Rinse thoroughly with clear water and pick up. Repeat if necessary.

Youtube Channel here

Caution & Limitations

  • Test product on a small inconspicuous area
  • While applying the product protect adjacent areas against unexpected contact with the product
  • The product should be used at room temperature
  • Will etch marble and calcareous stone
  • Will damage chrome

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