Penetrating Sealer No Gloss FC670

 Our Penetrating Sealer No Gloss is a water-based penetrating sealer formulated to protect natural stone, porcelain tile, and cement grout joints leaving a natural look afterward.

 Recommended Surfaces

  • Unsealed concrete or masonry
  • All types of natural stone, best on polished or honed surfaces
  • Quartz composite stones
  • Ceramic, porcelain and also quarry tiles
  • Cement grout joints
  • Floors, walls, counters, backsplashes and also inside showers
  • Residential, commercial as well as in institutional applications
  • Interior and exterior use


  • No color enhancement
  • No gloss
  • A microscopic formula which penetrates and then fills surface porosity without leaving a superficial film
  • Allows vapor transmission, ideal for showers
  • Provides water and oil repellent protection
  • Faint odor


  • 946mL (1L) covers approximately 20 square meters (200 square feet)

Environmental Data

  • Low VOC: <20gr / L


  • FC350 Heavy Duty Cleaner


  • FC110 Vinyl, Tile & Stone Cleaner
  • FC300 Neutral Floor Cleaner
  • FC305 Tile & Grout Cleaner
  • FC313 Granite Countertop Cleaner
  • FC373 Spot Free Shower Cleaner


  • FC670-25 – 250mL bottle with spray mister
  • FC670-01 – 1L / 946mL bottle
  • FC670-04 – 4L bottle
  • FC670-20 – 20L pail

Penetrating Sealer No Gloss Directions

Surface Preparation

New Grout:  Wait for 7 – 14 days to allow proper curing of grout before applying a sealer.  (Refer to grout manufacturer’s recommendation.)

Existing Grout:  First deep Clean or remove any existing topical water sealer using FC350 Heavy Duty Cleaner.  Rinse well afterward.


Apply a generous coat of sealer evenly with an FC230 Telescopic Mop and the FC225 Microfiber Application Cloth, or the FC210 White Scrub Pad.  Then allow the sealer to sit on the surface for 15-20 minutes.  Do not allow the sealer to dry during that time, add more sealer or spread excess on the surface if needed.  Afterwards, remove excess sealer from the surface with a soft cloth.

To Verify if the Sealer Protection is Adequate

Put a few drops of water on the sealed surface and then wait a few minutes.  If the surface doesn’t darken, then the protection is adequate.  Otherwise, add another coat of sealer.

Caution & Limitations

  • Test product on a small inconspicuous area
  • While applying the product protect adjacent surfaces against unexpected contact with the product
  • The Product should be used at room temperature
  • Do not apply over epoxy or pre-mixed grout
  • Do not apply over a solvent based sealer
  • Regular reapplication schedule may be required on heavily used and high traffic areas

Cure Time

  • Light foot traffic 6-8 hours afterward
  • Cure time 72 hours

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