FC150 Acrylic Sealer

Water based acrylic sealer formulated to seal vinyl composite tiles (VCT) before the application of a floor finish.

Recommended Surfaces

  • VCT
  • Compatible with floor covering from all manufacturers
  • Residential, commercial & institutional applications
  • Interior use


  • Water based acrylic sealer
  • No ammonia
  • Gloss Rating: >50
  • Good leveling
  • Faint odor


  • 946ml covers approximately 20m² (200ft²)

Environmental Data

  • Low VOC: <5gr / L
  • Biodegradable. In conformity with OCDE 301 E Regulation
  • Meets Ecologo specifications Floor Finishes & Sealers CCD:147A


  • Heavy Duty Cleaner (FC350)


Commercial & Institutional

  • Neutral Floor Cleaner (FC350)


  • Vinyl, Tile & Stone Cleaner (FC110)


  • 946ml bottle (FC150-01)
  • 4L bottle (FC150-04)
  • 20L pail (FC150-20)


Surface Preparation: Deep clean or remove any existing topical water based sealer using Heavy Duty Cleaner (FC350).

New VCT Installation: Follow recommendations from manufacturer. First wash the floor with Pre-Finish Cleaner (FC250).


Apply a coat of sealer evently with an FCS Mop (FC230) and the applicator Mop Cloth (FC225) over the entire surface. Allow 30 to 45 minutes to dry ir until the surface is totally dry before applying another coat or apply 1 to 2 coats on Vinyl Acrylic Floor Finish (FC130 or FC140). No buffing is required.

Caution and Limitations

  • Test product on small inconspicuous area
  • Protect adjacent areas against unexpected contact with product
  • Product should be used at room temperature

Cure Time

  • Light foot traffic 2-3 hours
  • Normal traffic 24 hours
  • Maximum cure time 28 days