Grout Release FC370

Our Grout Release is designed to prevent sanded or un-sanded cement grout or epoxy grout to stick on the surface of tiles in order to ease clean up after grouting.

Recommended Surfaces

  • Ceramic & porcelain tile
  • Natural stone
  • Composite stone
  • Floors, walls & Counters
  • Residential, commercial as well as institutional
  • Interior and also Exterior Use


  • Solvent free
  • Contains no ammonia or phosphates
  • Fast drying
  • Low odor


  • 946ml covers 20m²

Environmental Data

  • VOC: 0
  • Biodegradable and also in conformity with OCDE 301 E Regulation
  • Meets Ecologo specifications Degreasing Cleaner CCD:146


  • 946ml bottle (FC370-01)
  • 4l bottle (FC370-04)
  • 20l pail (FC370-20)

Grout Release Directions

Do not dilute. Spread a thin coat of the remover on the surface of the tiles using a White Scrub Pad (FC210), paint roller or paint brush. Do not pour directly on the surface of the tiles to avoid flooding the grout joints which will affect the grouting procedure. Then wait at least 20 minutes to allow the product to dry completely before grouting. During the clean up process, a damp sponge will liquefy the film on the surface of the tiles; releasing residue and cleaning the surface of the tiles.

Caution & Limitations

  • Test product on a small inconspicuous area
  • When applying the product protect adjacent areas against unexpected contact with the product
  • Product should be used at room temperature


N.B.  All above information is accurate. However, having no control over the conditions of utilization of the product, we cannot assume any responsibility, legal or other, in regards of the results and/or any prejudice from which derived.

Grout Release MSDS

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