Acrylic Natural Stone Sealer – Satin Gloss FC275

Acrylic Natural Stone Sealer – Satin Gloss is a water-based penetrating sealer formulated to protect, slightly enhance colors and also leaves a satin gloss finish on honed, brushed or textured natural stone.

Recommended Surfaces

  • Natural stones with honed brushed or textured surfaces
  • Cement grout joints
  • Floors as well as on walls
  • Residential, commercial and also institutional applications
  • Interior use
  • Not recommended for showers


  • Slightly enhances natural stone colors
  • Gloss rating: 20 to 25
  • Doesn’t contain ammonia
  • Good leveling
  • Dries quickly
  • Protects against household dirt, water as well as oil infiltrations
  • Faint odor


  • 946ml covers approximately 20m² (200ft²)

Environmental Data

  • VOC: 0
  • Biodegradable also in conformity with OCDE 301  E Regulation
  • Meets EcoLogo specifications Floor finishes & sealers CCD: 147A


  • Heavy Duty Cleaner (FC350)


Commercial & Institutional

  • Neutral Floor Cleaner (FC300)


  • Vinyl, Tile & Stone Cleaner (FC110)


  • 946ml bottle (FC275-01)
  • 4L bottle (FC275-04)
  • 20L pail (FC275-20)

Acrylic Natural Stone Sealer – Satin Gloss Directions

Surface Preparation

New Installation: First apply 1 coat of sealer on the tiles before installation and/or grouting. Then apply a second coat after the grout manufacturers recommended cure time. Minimum of 7 days afterward.

Existing Surface: Deep clean or remove any existing topical water-based sealer using Heavy Duty Cleaner (FC350)


With a paintbrush, paint roller or the FCS Mop (FC230) with the Application Mop Cloth (FC225) for smoother semi-smooth surfaces, first apply a thin coat of sealer. Then spread the sealer slowly to avoid the formation of air bubbles. Let the surface dry completely (4-6 hours), then applying another coat if needed.

Application on Vertical Surfaces: Make sure there is no accumulation of sealer in the joints or on the top edge of the tiles to avoid apparition of streaks or white residue.

Caution & Limitations

  • Test product on a small inconspicuous area
  • While applying the product protect adjacent areas against unexpected contact withthe product
  • Do not apply over epoxy or pre-mixed grout
  • Do not apply over solvent based sealer
  • Regular reapplication schedule may be required on heavily used and high traffic areas

Cure Time

  • Normal foot traffic 24 hours
  • Maximum cure time 28 days

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